It’s that time of the year!!! Flu season is fast approaching and we are pumping up for the season!

A few things to consider before you get your flu vaccine this year:
  • We highly encourage patients to get their flu vaccines from their doctor’s office. You may require a different dosage or type of flu vaccine based on your age and/or your health condition.
  • DON’T GET IT TOO EARLY! Although when you should get the flu vaccine is not an exact science, flu season can start as early as October and run all the way to May, usually peaking between December through February, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Due to the long flu season, we recommend you receive your flu vaccine after September first.
  • If you do not have active health insurance coverage – no worries! Our patients can self-pay for their flu vaccine for just $30 per dose.
  • If you received your flu shot elsewhere, please bring your flu shot information (where received, when received, and what type of flu vaccine received) to our office to update your medical records.

Child and Adult Vaccinations

For middle school, high school and college entry, your child will require:
1)   TDaP, a tetanus vaccine is now available with protection against whooping cough.
2)   Gardasil, a vaccine for prevention of cervical cancer – required in girls over age 12 (series of 3)
3)   Hepatitis A (series of 2)
4)   Meningitis Vaccine (Series of 1)
5)   Varicella, Chicken Pox vaccine, (2nd vaccine now required)

CDC Immunization Schedule for Ages Birth-18 Years Old
CDC Immunization Schedule for Adults

Please schedule your child for a Well Child Examination to address these and many other health issues before the next school year. Girls ages 16 and over may schedule a pap smear at the same time, and address birth control issues as well. If your insurance covers preventative care, we can also complete any school forms at the time of your office visit, saving you the fees of a “Sports Physical.” Forms presented on another day will likely be charged a “medical records” fee.